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Computer Hacker, Vikram, frames Jai Malhotra for this crime, and has him arrested, on condition that he will pay him 60 million rupees to pay for, Neha, his girlfriend's debts, to which Jai agrees. The bank account that was hacked is that of Babu Anna, a notorious Bombay criminal Don, who is engraged at this upstart for robbing him. He arranges to kill Jai when he is escorted to Court to be tried, but Jai manages to escape, only to find out that it was not only Vikram who framed him, but Neha also. This devastates Jai, and now he must run, not only from the police, but also Babu Anna's men, as well as his own memories.
A young man is hellbent to destroy his arch enemy and his lover, who destroyed his life.
the drop dead gorgeous figure who sweeps men off their feet with her beauty, and drives a man to want to commit suicide over her. Um, okay it might look good on the page of a script but does not translate well on the screen when people like Kareena portray it. What ever happened to the likes of Diya Mirza, Aishwarya, Preity Zinta and others, heck! I would have even settled for Rani or Esha Deol! Kareena just killed it for me. I saw her in that role of the DDG siren and I just couldn't suspend my disbelief long enough to follow the rest of the plot. Something about an internet bank heist and the stupid guy who falls in love with her takes the fall even while being innocent. Come on now Bollywood! You had a good script but the casting department should have seen better than Kareena Kapoor, or wait, did she use her famous surname to get this role too? Now why doesn't that surprise me. No Fida for me please!
The opening with the hacking transaction being made is very classy and adds an air to the movie which sets a lingering tone throughout. However you have to wonder where its all going when after meeting this Neha, Jai begins to feel such strong emotions that it becomes sickening and as evident dangerous. I was caught by surprise when after all the happiness and declarations of absolute love Jai decided to self-harm for a naturally un-interested Neha! <br/><br/>Wouldn&#39;t any normal woman naturally repel and remove herself from the situation? A man you have only known for a matter of days is already cutting himself to pieces in your name just to show you that he can! NO THANKYOU! You may thing I am just dismissing it but I think it was probably the most cruel act in this gritty plot as Jai put his utmost trust in this woman, little he knew…<br/><br/>Nazar Nazar: Song number 1 in the visuals is a soft breezy track with mellow vocals that leaves you feeling its just another safe and pretty Hindi Cinema story especially after the first four lines…<br/><br/>Aaja Ve Mahi: A very well put together number which is able to have you up on your feet at the first counts of the bass. Well choreographed, charming visuals and good chemistry. Slightly sickly.<br/><br/>Dil Mere Na: What can i say. Enough sweet to kill a baby. However the outfits in this light-hearted number are easy on the eye. Cultured and colourful. The locations are a wonder as the input into the story is no-existent but the visuals are delightful.<br/><br/>Maine Jisko Chaha: Raunchy, wild and (as you&#39;ll see in the opening of the song) wet! However do not get impressions that this is a song full of sleaze! It contributes majorly the film and just about explains everything after the cash transactions. We see a new sexy side to this heartless Kareena and Fardeen Khan is quite the designer dandy! Everything is thrown in for good measure Champagne to Showgirls! Sleek and sinful!<br/><br/>by Khamisi Brown

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